【DN-3409L】Intelligent cutting, efficient milling

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Core Highlights

1. Brand-new high-efficiency dust removal system 

Efficient and intelligent dust removal system, away from dust troubles


2. 12kW high-power spindle  

Achieve high-quality, high-efficiency milling


3. 1.5kW high-power servo

X/Y/Z moving speed up to 100/100/30m/min


Four, 12 in-line tool magazine

Quick tool change, safe and reliable


5. 7-division double-layer metal vacuum chamber

Refine the vacuum zone, stronger adsorption force; the rack is annealed, and the equipment runs stably and reliably


key configuration

1. Precise tool setting instrument 

One-click tool setting, higher efficiency


2. Embedded drawing/optimization function 

Fast drawing, intelligent optimization, path simulation


3. Standard automatic grab/push mechanism

Fast and accurate positioning and guidance to realize automatic production


Connection scheme


technical parameter