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KDT 6KW*1 spindle 7.5KW+0.75KW saw blade Automatic alarm device Double pressure roller


Standard PC for remote operation Including 0-5 sets of upper vertical drill rows, 1-6 sets of lower vertical drill rows, and 0-2 sets of horizontal drill rows It can shorten the adjustment time and improve the adjustment accuracy


High-precision servo drive The vertical drill group drill row adopts pneumatic locking system Adopt Taiwan PMI linear guide Standard PC for remote operation


Sawing system: Linear guide structure Frame type integral bed 430mm ultra-wide push table Dust hood with support swing arm The saw blade angle is digitally displayed with precision


Self-developed control system SizingSaw and simple optimization function Sawing system: Linear guide structure digital display ruler Bar code printing function Optional barcode scanner and printer


Linear guide side Imported flexible cable The minimum panel size is: 34*45mm Independent research and development control system

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