Company Culture

Ten years of dreaming, a legend, Hongya CNC quickly dug up by the Pearl River. After ten years of hard work, Hongya people have formed common values. The culture of integrity, quality, innovation, teamwork, participation, and transcendence deeply affects every Hongya person.

Company culture

Integrity to customers means providing customers with high-quality products and services accurately and in a timely manner, and integrity to partners means strictly abiding by their commitments to partners.


Innovation is the driving force for Hongya CNC to create enterprise value and promote enterprise growth.


"Precision manufacturing, precise quality" is the self-requirement and strong desire of Hongya people to build an excellent brand.

The company has a core team with "senior industry background, rich experience in R&D, production, marketing and management".


Hongya CNC emphasizes the cooperation of various departments, attaches great importance to the communication with partners and the requirements and information feedback of dealers, and encourages and cultivates the team spirit of employees.


"Customer first, exceeding expectations" constitutes the core value of Hongya CNC.

Company culture