Social Responsibility

Hongya CNC believes that enterprises, as the cellular organization of society, have the obligation to make corresponding contributions to the progress and development of society. We are committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of a corporate citizen with practical actions, continue to contribute our own strength to such activities, realize feedback to the society, and persistently pursue the long-term progress of human society and culture.


Project Hope

We spread the fire and hope of social responsibility through our long-term support for education. In order for Uyghur children to better receive the national common language education and improve the quality of education and teaching, the company donated 2 million yuan to the Education Bureau of Megaiti County, Kashgar, Xinjiang, and the donated funds are mainly used for the recipient units to purchase school education equipment.


Employee Care

Through its own continuous development and growth, the company provides more stable employment opportunities for the society. At the same time, in order to improve the lives of employees and their families, comprehensively improve their work skills, cultural knowledge and comprehensive literacy, and enhance their happiness index and corporate sense of belonging. The picture shows that in 2013, the company fully funded more than 30 employees to participate in the study of mechanical manufacturing and automation in "Guangzhou Radio and Television University", and obtained the "college graduation certificate" in 2015.