Follow the order and fight against the epidemic with one heart - Hongya CNC assists in the development and production of 100 mask machines in 30 days

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Help mask production

move on command


Fighting the epidemic together


war epidemic

must win


Fight for 30 days

Take down 100




move on command

  The epidemic is an order, and epidemic prevention is a responsibility. In the face of the severe situation of epidemic prevention work and the shortage of epidemic prevention materials, on February 5, we received a notice from the government meeting that Hongya CNC needs to urgently cooperate with the task of developing a mask machine. It took only one month from receiving the development task to completing the 100th mask machine .



successfully completed

  During this special period, Hongya CNC immediately set up a special team to coordinate R&D and technical resources, faced difficulties and rushed to the production site as soon as possible. In this mask machine production task, Hongya CNC provided more than 3,000 parts and accessories covering more than 30 types to assist the production task. The offline delivery was smooth, and the government's requirements for the R&D and production of mask equipment were completed with high quality and quantity. In view of the support and assistance provided by this mask machine production task, Hongya CNC received a letter of thanks from the lead unit Guangzhou Industrial Robot Manufacturing and Application Industry Alliance.



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