Focusing on high-end, intensive cultivation and quality, the products of the processing center are updated and launched.

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Double the power, fast positioning and efficient cutting


Double the power, fast positioning and efficient cutting

X/Y/Z maximum moving speed is 100/100/30 m/min

1.5kW high-power servo drives the moving speed of each axis to increase by more than 25%


The Z stroke is increased without fear of the thick plate process

The Z processing range is increased to 100mm, which can easily meet the needs of thick plate processing

technical parameter



DN-3409B DN-3409E/DE

Maximum processing range

Max.Working Size X/Y/Z(m/min)

2860*1260*100 2860*1260*100

top speed

Max.Moving Speed X/Y/Z(m/min)

100*100*30 100*100*30

vacuum partition

Vacuum Area

7 7

Vacuum pumping speed

Vacuum Capacity(m3/h)

244 244

Tool magazine

Tool Magazine

-- 12-bit servo tool magazine

Size and quantity of dust suction ports

Size & QTY of Dust Hood


total power

Total Power(kW)

35.5kW E:23.9kW DE:26.1kW


Main Spindle

6kW * 4

KDT 12kW ISO-30 Spindle

Drill group

Drilling Head


10V drill bag

(DN-3409DE configuration)

Dimensions L/W/H

Machine Size L/W/H(mm)

4260*2420*2415 4260*2420*2415